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Hello. If you’ve never been to a cooking show before, I would highly recommend going to TFK Cooking Show. Learning how to cook clean and healthy was the best “take-a-way”experience for me. The saying, “less is more”, is so true when cooking with TFK’s amazing products. Learning how to cook with very little or no water was very intriguing to me.

With the great cooking advice I received from Craig at TFK, I was able to make my son an amazing steak and potato dinner using the Grill Pan. I’ve never been good with cooking steak before, I guess I always overcooked it. I followed Craig’s instructions and the steak was so tender and juicy. The following night, I made chicken. Again, it was the most juicy and perfect chicken I have ever made.

The Gauge on the lids are a great asset to these pieces as well. I am looking forward to bringing my sister and a few of my friends back to TFK, so they can experience the amazing cooking advice and products available. Kudos to Craig and Stephanie for sharing their knowledge of cooking to the rest of us. Hugs to everyone at TFK Cooking Show. Thank you again.

Lisa M.W.

If you are looking for a night out for you and friend or significant other, and learn how to cook a quick/healthy delicious meal, the Fundamental Kitchen is the place to go. The Chefs have fun and love to interact with everyone as they get you involved if you want a closer look, or even hands on.

Angie VanMinsel

Very fun and informative! Learned lots of neat tips and tricks!! Thank you. 🙂

Jennifer Bottoni