All In One Pressure Cooker –  TFK Pressure Cooker FAQ’s




How do I know if the lid is closed correctly?

The lid is closed correctly when the black handle is over the open/close sticker


What do the two #’s on the left in red mean?

The two numbers on the left in red are the numbers that are used in setting the delayed start timer. You‘ll find the button to control this timer on the top left in green. You can delay the start of your food cooking up to 9 hours and half hour increments. Once you decide on your delayed time, choose your cooking time immediately after, or your delayed time option with zero out.


What do the two #’s on the right mean in green?

The two green 3’s on the right are your cooking times. Once you choose a button to push for your food choice, a set # of minutes will be displayed as your cooking time.


What if the lid won’t go on easily?

Be sure the lid is aligned to the black plastic piece on the side of the base.  Another cause of the lid not closing easily is that the rubber seal on the underside of the lid is not in place. Make sure the rubber seal is secured uniformly by the steel wire guide.


I found a recipe that calls for 7 minutes. How do I set it for 7 minutes? 

The vegetable button on your TFK Pressure Cooker has an option for single minutes up to 15 minutes. After you push the vegetable button, it will say 15 minutes, push it again and it will start at 1 and go through to 15. If you times are longer than 15 minutes, choose one of the other button options. After every second push of a button, except vegetable, the minutes will go up to the maximum amount of minutes.


Menu Button Minimum Minutes (suggested cooking time) Maximum Minutes
Rice 10 15
Chicken 20 60
Fish 5 15
Soup 30 90
Casserole 35 90
Beef 35 50
Vegetable 1 (starts at 15) 15



Do I need to let the steam out before I open the lid?

 Yes. The pressure needs to be released prior to opening the lid. As a safety measure, the lid will not come off until the pressure is released.


Do I need to let the steam out while I’m cooking?

Depending on the recipe and what you are cooking… usually you release steam after the cooking time is complete.


 What is the green timer button on the left upper side for?

The ‘Timer’ button is a delayed start function. To use the Delayed Start Timer, place your food in the pressure cooker insert, close lid, set valve to ‘Seal’. Press the green ‘Timer’ button until you reach the amount of time you want to start your recipe. Each press of the Timer button increasing the start time in 30 minute increments. Next, press the button that sets the cooker to the desired amount of cooking time. The cooker will now delay the start time and cook for the amount of time you selected. Once the cooking time is ended, the cooker will automatically turn it set to warm.


How do I stop cooking in the middle of a set time?

Press the cancel button and release the pressure by turning the valve to ‘Exhaust/Vent’.  Wait until the pressure is released (or you hear the pin drop). Open lid.  


Is there a low, medium and high setting or is it just one setting?

The pressure cooker is always on high, unless it is on the warm setting, then it is low.


The buttons all have different images, rice, chicken, vegetables, etc. Do I have to use those buttons when I’m making those kinds of foods or can I use anyone if it has the time I need.

Yes. It is advised to use the proper button with the right food.


If I make something that takes a half hour, but have to leave for an hour, will it stay warm until I get back?

Yes. The pressure cooker will automatically go onto the warm setting once done cooking.


Can I schedule the pressure cooker to cook at a certain time?

Yes, you can program the Pressure Cooker to start cooking at a certain time.


When the red #’s shows a letter p , what does that mean?

The letter p means Pressure


How long does it take for the letter P to show up once you put the lid on and set the timer?

The letter ‘P’ identifies when the cooker has reached the correct cooking pressure (15 psi). The amount of time for the cooker to reach pressure depends on how much food/liquid is in the insert. The more food, the longer it takes the cooker to heat the ingredients and reach correct pressure. The range is generally, 2 minutes to 10 minutes


Can I fry food in the TFK pressure cooker?

Yes, you can fry, sear or sauté food in the cooker by hitting any button (not timer button or cancel/warm button). This is a great feature for many one-pan meals


Do I always need to have a liquid in the pressure cooker to cook the food?

Yes. Liquid must be in the pressure cooker.


How much liquid must I have in the pressure cooker for it to work correctly?

Follow the recipes, but to reach the seal, the minimum liquid required is 1 1/2 cups.  


Can I use the pressure cooker without the lid on or on securely?

The pressure Cooker will continue to heat but will not gain any pressure if the lid is not on securely.


Why can’t I open the lid while cooking something?

You won’t be able to open the pressure cooker while the pressure is high in the cooker. Release the pressure then open the lid.


Is there a warranty on the Pressure Cooker?

 Yes. 2 Year Warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing defects and any Electrical malfunction. Warranty does not cover misuse or abuse.  


What if I want to hard boil eggs in the pressure, does it come with a basket?

No. The pressure cooker does not have a basket. Here are some you can use in the pressure cooker though:

All in One Accessories

The All in One is a versatile cooker to begin with, but increasing your collection of accessories for use within the AIO allow you to expand your repertoire of pressure cooking techniques, which in turn enable you to create more diverse recipes. Below is a compilation of accessories that are compatible with the TFK All in One, along with a description of the accessory and a direct link for purchase on Amazon.


Trivet (i.e rack)

Metal Steaming Rack


Provides a means for you to raise up food that you are cooking from liquid below (i.e. roast or chicken), as well as used as stand to keep a secondary accessory from touching the bottom of the cooker (i.e. bowl or pan).
Foil Sling

Made using your favorite brand of heavy duty foil.

Provides you an easy method of lowering and lifting a bowl or pan into your AIO that is handleless. When using just center the bowl, then grasp an end in each hand, close to the bowl. Once the sling and bowl are placed carefully in the cooker, fold the foil down when cooking, and open when removing.
Steamer Basket

OXO Good Grips Steamer


Provides a holder for food that you are cooking via steam. This recommended silicone holder, is heat proof and safe to use within our AIO, as it will not scratch the surface. If additional height is needed between your food and the liquid within the cooker, use your rack to elevate your steamer basket.
Heat Proof Bowl

Anchor Glass Bowl


Provides a method of cooking food that is unable to placed in a steamer basket either because it is too fine or contains liquid (i.e. batter or custard). This bowl should be placed either within a steamer basket or on a trivet, so that it sits above the cooking liquid. It is best if this bowl has handles, but a foil sling can always be used alternatively. Bowls that work best include Pyrex, heat-proof glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone.

Bellamaine Porcelain Ramekins


Provides a means to cook individual portions. Similarly to the heat proof bowl, this bowl should be made of oven proof glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum or silicone. Ramekins should be used in conjunction with a steamer basket, but this basket should be able to accommodate 4 to 6 depending on the size. If your steamer basket does not have handles you will need a long tongs to remove the ramekins from the cooker.
Foil Packets Provides a way to cook an assortment of food together at the same time, especially  if you have foods cooking together where some foods cook faster than others. Make a small foil packet in which to place the food..

Additional Items

7 inch Springform Pan $11.45 // 7 inch Round Pan $14 // 7 inch Square pan $12.99


How do I clean the inside and outside of the pressure cooker?  There are spots on the outside after using a few times.

Use mild soapy water to clean the insert and spot clean the outside.



With the pressure cooker I received 3 extra pieces, a spoon, a measuring bowl and an oval piece. Do these go in any special place?

The accessories include a rice paddle, a convenient measuring bowl and a overflow drip catcher. The drip catcher can be secured to the side of the cooker base, near the top under the black plastic cover alignment piece. The other two can be put in your drawers for storage.


Some recipes ask to run under cold water to help release the pressure before unsealing the lid. Is that advised with TFK pressure cooker?

With the TFK pressure cooker, we advise to place a wet towel on top of the lid to speed up cooling time.


Does TFK cooking shows have any recipes that we can try?

Yes! Please go to our website to find recipes for all of our products.


Can I sear meats in the slow cooker before cooking it completely?

Yes, hit any button, wait one minute until insert is pre-heated. Sear each side of meat. Once seared, turn off machine and begin recipe.  


How will I know when my food is done?

Once the green numbers count down to zero, the TFK pressure cooker will beep 3 times. This will be when the set time has completed its course. If the time you set, was the required amount of time to cook your food, your food will be done.


How do I know when is the right time to let out the steam?

Release the steam when your pressure cooker timer counts down to ‘0’ and beeps. The cooker will automatically set itself to the warm setting until you turn it off


Can I use metal inside the pressure cooker for mixing?  

The inside of the TFK Pressure Cooker (the pressure cooker tank) is made of non-stick surface, we advise to never use metal to avoid scratches. Wooden or plastic utensils are advised.


How long does the warmer button last for?

 The warmer button will keep your food warn for up to 8 hours. We advise not keep food warm longer than 6 hours for best results.



While using the pressure cooker an alarm sounded and a E3 appeared. What does that mean?

It means that the pressure cooker is overheating. If any error code appears, please contact TFK cooking show and explain what is happening.


When cooking in the pressure cooker, do I have to add all the ingredients in right away or can I cook something for a while and then add more to the pressure cooker?

Yes, follow the recipe. Some recipes will call for cooking some foods for a certain time, then adding additional foods later. Press the cancel button and release the pressure by turning the valve to ‘Exhaust/Vent’.  Wait until the pressure is released (or you hear the pin drop). Open lid, continue recipe. Replace lid, set valve to ‘Seal’ and proceed with recipe by setting the additional cooking time needed.