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diabetic class milwaukee


Are you in need of new ideas and inspiration to spice up your TID meals? Are you confused about carb counting and making healthy meals the whole family can enjoy?  TFK Cooking shows along with JDRK have teamed up to give you ‘Create Your Plate Healthy Cooking Class & Dinner’.

diabetic class milwaukee

Diabetic Class Milwaukee, TFK Cooking Show, Brookfield


In this 90 minute class, Melissa Burchardt R.D. shares interesting, educational and interactive tips on carbohydrates counting and locating hidden carbs. Learn more about the techniques needed to select and prepare healthy and flavorful meals for both the TID (Type 1 Diabetic) and that the entire family can enjoy. The class includes a live cooking demonstration and a 3-course dinner; salad, entrée and dessert specifically created for the diabetic diet.

Who should take this Diabetic Class Milwaukee Education class?

The Diabetic – This class is perfect for the diabetic who is looking to learn how to manage their food choices and daily consumption or for the diabetic who is looking to refresh their knowledge on making great food choices. Life does get in the way and if you are in need in of easy tips and techniques in making your food choices an easy task throughout the day, then this class is for you.  

Parents of a Juvenile Diabetic – Parents are encouraged to take this class if you are looking for ideas on what and how to  serve healthy food choices to your child. Children often need guidance, especially when they just want to eat what they want, and as much they want. Learn techniques to help your child understand why it is so important to stay within guidelines. Learn how prepare foods that keep carbohydrates down but that your child will love. 

The person who wants to lose weight – If you are looking to lose weight, portion control and eating healthy are the best ways to achieve this and to make it last a lifetime. Learn about what a portion size it, learn where to look to see how many calories are in that portion, and how healthy that food food choice is. Learning these important pieces of information  and creating daily habits will provide a great starting point on your journey to losing weight.

The person who wants to live a healthy lifestyle – You feel like you are at the weight you desire and you are not a diabetic, but you would like to have more energy and feel better about what you are eating. Eating healthy is all about food choices. Learn which kinds of food you should be eating more of and find out just what you eating when you are eating out. You will be surprised at all the extra calories and unhealthy ingredients are in your food. 

The person who wants to save money on food – Learn about how to save money on the food you buy, where are the best places to buy your food and how much food you should be buying. 

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Diabetic Class Milwaukee Education about Diabetes and Nutrition – JDRF

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