10 Ideas on How to Increase Family Time


A great way to increase family time spent together or at least the amount of quality time is by cooking and eating together.

Here are 10 reasons why eating and cooking together with family and friends are so important.

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  1. Easier To Control How Much You Are Eating

When you are cooking at home you can control how much you are eating easier. Usually, you pick out the portion you want to put on your plate. You can take seconds on vegetables. You can choose how much butter or salt goes into your food. When dining out you are usually given a standard portion and usually those portions are larger than what you would eat at home.


  1. Save Money

It is so much easier to save money when cooking at home. Eating out is more expensive than purchasing your food at the grocery store and making it yourself. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time especially I everyone is helping out to make the meal.


  1. Easy To Try New Foods

When you are cooking at home it is easier to try new foods. Practice making food different ways. Try out different techniques and use different products to make your meals. Sometimes it takes a few times to try a certain food before you learn to like it. Preparing it different ways at home will allow you to not only save money but also get to know yourself better.


  1. You Know What You Are Eating

By cooking as a family you’ll know exactly what is going into each one of your meals. You might even shop together to buy the products. Cooking together allows everyone to have a chance to do part of the meal. It is easier to cook with healthy products when you are doing the cooking than when you are eating out and don’t know exactly what went into the meal.


  1. Learn How To Cook Together

Cooking in general can be challenging when you are just starting out. Learning to cook with your family or a group of loved ones can make it more rewarding and interesting. As you are cooking together you’ll find that not only are you cooking but you are learning more about each other. This is relationship building and allows the family to learn how to work together.

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  1. Spend More Time Talking To Each Other

While you are cooking and eating together, it gives an excellent opportunity to talk about what is going on in each other’s lives. With lives being so busy, sometimes the only time to increase family time is when they cook and eat together. Everyone needs to eat. That is why cooking and eating together creates and excellent opportunity to have quality time together.


  1. Keeps Family Closer

Families that eat and cook together are closer as a family. By sharing more time together, families stay more in tune with each other and help each out. They build trust easier. Members of the family also are better at their jobs and schoolwork. By being a closer family, they stay in a healthier balance in overall life.


  1. Provides Stability For The Family

Families that regularly cook and eat together have stability in their life that creates a sense of belonging and also a feeling of being able to depend on other family members. The stability helps create a healthier life balance among all the family members. It also creates a feeling of acceptance as they work together to cook meals for each other.


  1. Easier To Eat Healthier

Coking at home makes it a lot easier to eat healthy and in smaller portions. This makes for healthier families who want to eat healthy more often. Eating healthy for families that cook together can be very rewarding.


  1. Creates A Habit Of Staying Together

Families who cook and eat together often create habits of wanting to be with their family and learning how to get along and how to eat together. By creating this habit, as the families grow, more often than not, they will extend this habit to family and friends who will also create the habit of eating healthier while have quality time with their loved ones.

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