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TFK Cooking Show has partnered with award winning houseware manufacture, BergHOFF Worldwide, to offer the highest quality kitchenware at affordable prices.


The Fundamental Kitchen parent company is BergHOFF Worldwide, a leader in houseware design and manufacturing.  In 1964, the foundations were laid for the BergHOFF Worldwide of today and of our presence in more than 50 countries, with 3,000 points of sale.

At The Fundamental Kitchen, we believe in quality for professionals, for cooking enthusiasts as well as for households.  We inspire the users of our kitchen wares through innovative and award winning designs.  We offer the best price/benefit ratio; premium quality and design at affordable prices.

Talent and creativity play a crucial role.  Our in-house design team makes it their mission to create smart-looking cookware and tableware that’s within reach for all.  Working with an in-house design team enables us to stay on top of the total development and manufacturing process of all out products for the kitchen and table.  We also work with renowned designers for their extensive knowledge in specific materials or disciplines.

We are aware of our social and economic role.  That’s why initiatives on a social and ecological level are taken.  We support local sustainability projects that engage us to use natural resources in a responsible way.

Welcome to affordable design and quality!


At The Fundamental Kitchen, we apply European design expertise and American craftsmanship in state of the are facilities to combine the best elements of renowned designers and revolutionary materials to develop a collection of products that optimizes wellness while understanding today’s consumer demands for efficiency, quality and value.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Each product is designed with improving wellness as its primary objective.  We believe an informed consumer is able to make the best decision for their family’s health and wellness.  Through our unique delivery system, The Fundamental Kitchen Cooking Show experience, a guest benefits from an awareness of today concerns, an education on the available options and the solutions to their family’s wellness objectives.

The collaboration between our design team, technical specialists and your chef allows The Fundamental Kitchen to offer exceptional solutions at extraordinary savings. Click above to see all of the TFK Products.

tfk products