TFK Vegetable Recipes 


Minimum Moisture Cooked Vegetables

Select the correct size saucepan, best results when saucepan is 2/3 full. Place rinsed and chopped vegetables in saucepan, add 2 to 3 tablespoons water to restore the water lost by the vegetables in transit from the field to kitchen.  Cover and place saucepan over medium heat.  When Thermal-Knob reaches 50˚ or water vapor begins to escape, turn heat to low or off.


Cooking times vary depending upon vegetable density.

Corn, frozen                       1 – 2 minutes, heat off

Peas, fresh or frozen      2 – 3 minutes, heat off

Asparagus                           5 – 7 minutes, heat off

Beans, green                     7 – 8 minutes, heat off

Carrots, sliced                    8 – 10 minutes, reduce to low

Corn on the cob                                12 -15 minutes, reduce to low

Potatoes, cubed               13 – 15 minutes, reduce to low

Squash, winter, diced    15 – 20 minutes, reduce to low




TFK Simple Skillet Green Beans

TFK Simple Skillet Green Beans All TFK recipes have been tried and tested by the TFK Chefs and staff. This TFK Simple Skillet Green Beans recipe is a recipe that was tried and tested and became a favorite here at TFK Cooking Shows!  TFK Cookings Shows are cooking...

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